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Universal Investment

Exclusive: Katharina Gehra plans crypto fund launch with Universal Investment

5th September 2022

Katharina Gehra's crypto boutique Immutable Insight Asset Management is partnering with Universal Investment Group to launch a 284 special fund that may have up to 20 percent direct exposure to cryptoassets.

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Sanction Rapid Test

Sanction Rapid Test

30th March 2022

Immutable Insight proudly presents its latest product: Know your risk of sanctioned transactions being bypassed through crypto with our Sanction Rapid Test. Get your result within minutes for only 79€.

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ROI with tokens

In this half of the year, five DAX companies will report a blockchain application

21st January 2022

How can I benefit from tokens as an investor? How do I get into it? Beate Hoffbauer talks about this with Katharina Gehra from the blockchain analysis house Immutable Insight.

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Crypto expert Katharina Gehra: "Crypto investments belong in every portfolio in the future"

21st December 2021

Katharina Gehra, the co-founder and CEO of the technology company Immutable Insight, is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency experts. What needs the new government to do for Germany as a blockchain location?

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Are Bitcoin and Co. the new gold?

26th August 2021

Cryptocurrencies polarize the financial world. Yet investments in the megatrend offer enormous opportunities - as long as investors do it right.

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Top 50 Woman

Our CEO Katharina Gehra among the 50 most influential women in the German tech industry

8th August 2021

So far, the start-up scene and tech industry have been male domains. That is changing right now - also because these 50 women are driving the industry forward.

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Tim Cook Just Explained a Brutal Truth About Failure That Most People Never Acknowledge

17th June 2021

Failure might be one of the greatest fears of any entrepreneur. The thing is, failure is, as Cook puts it, “a part of life, whether you’re a new company startup or a company that’s been around for a while.”

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Inflation Numbers Support Bitcoin Recovery

10th June 2021

Crypto bears may want to go back into hibernation. Today’s inflation news, showing consumer prices rose 5% when compared to 2020, should reinforce the bull case for bitcoin, as a hedge against inflation.

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Video: Crypto Assets Conference 2021

7th June 2021

The Crypto Assets Conference 2021 took place from 31 May - 2 June 2021. And we were not only present as a sponsor, but with our CEO Katharina Gehra we were also in front of the camera with our CEO Katharina Gehra.

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