No. of Token Transfers
in the last 24h

# Top 5 Token Transactions

in the last 24h

Wrapped Ether 145.901
Tether: USDT Stablecoin 142.364
USD Coin 61.547
0xd774557b647330c91b ... 21.187
0x0000000000a39bb272 ... 20.430
No. of Ethereum Transactions
in the last 24h
Token Economy

The new internet will run on blockchains. We give you a head start.

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise the internet we know and use everyday. The new internet running on blockchain-tech will make transfers of value as easy and reliable as the data transfers on today's internet. With this paradigm shift, the internet will become more reliable, more private, more secure, and more efficient. Opportunities to benefit from this disruption are vast. You can immediately benefit from the rapid growth of the blockchain industry.

At Immutable Insight, we make sure that you are in the know: We can generate exclusive insights about blockchain applications. And that's because we use our proprietary algorithms to evaluate them through mathematical and physical modelling based on real-time data. We provide realistic and reliable evaluations of blockchain projects and thus make sure that you can make – better informed decisions.

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