Data and facts over crystal balls.

Turning data into action.

Immutable Insight is all about scientific blockchain and crypto-asset analysis. We are analysts through and through, and we generate insights about applications on the Ethereum blockchain that no one else has.

We use our proprietary algorithms to analyze every record of every trade on the Ethereum blockchain at every point in time. We then evaluate this data through physical and mathematical modeling to find the blockchain applications with the best sustainable growth. The insights that we gain along the way find their application in multiple fields, from asset management to crypto-consulting.

"We have developed algorithms that analyze blockchain-data and allow us to provide 100% reliable evaluations in real-time." Dr. rer. nat. Winterer, CTO Immutable Insight

Real-time analytics to maximize your ROI.

Our goal is to make investing and trading based on distributed ledger technology as secure as the technology itself when it comes to asset management. That is why we have developed leading-edge and technology-driven governance and monitoring systems. Together with our proprietary analytics, these systems allow us to find the best investment opportunities for our client's individual investment needs. We run our analytics with a macro and a micro-approach, but one thing never changes: we always base our work on the data and facts we collect. And that does pay off for our clients and partners.

Data is good, insights even better.

The blockchain data that we collect also finds its application in consulting services for companies in the crypto sector and businesses from the traditional industry that want to tap into distributed ledger technology. Furthermore, we serve as counselors on the crypto advisory board of the German Bundestag. We are committed to a very high quality standard and always look for secure and reliable crypto-projects with a proven track record. This approach of only considering tried-and-tested blockchain projects for our Immutable Insight analytics is essential for our very accurate analysis results. 

By the way: we use our own money-laundering prevention algorithms to provide the cleanest entry to the blockchain world.