Sustainable by conviction

Blockchains are getting greener by the day. And the sustainable impact of blockchain-tech is yet to come.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are much cleaner than their reputation. Not only do they already beat the conventional finance sector when it comes to energy consumption, but blockchain tech can also significantly accelerate the economy's transformation towards carbon neutrality.

That's because blockchain technology has the potential to improve current processes and systems by simplifying them and enhancing their efficiency. Furthermore, blockchain technology gives easy access to people who could not participate in various markets until now. This increase of market participants can accelerate institutions' and consumers' willingness and ability to contribute to building long-term sustainability.

"We need to move away the - albeit correct - statement: 'Bitcoin is a waste of energy'. Blockchain technology is - as an infrastructure - much bigger and has enormous sustainable potential."

We combine systematic sustainability with real-time reliability.

ESG has now gone from "nice to have" to "must-have." Over the last decade, asset managers have broadened their investment strategy to focus on financial returns and the ESG content in their portfolios. We believe that blockchain technology is the one systemic lever for verifying true ESG. And that's because the blockchain makes necessary energy input very easy to calculate: the data is always accessible and immutably referenced on the blockchain. Structurally, the underlying technology does not allow manipulation. Something that has repeatedly been attempted with CO2 measurements in other industries.

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