We unlock the potential of crypto.

Our analytics empower you to make the most of the blockchain industry.

Immutable Insight is all about leveraging the full potential of blockchain technology through data-driven approaches and crypto-asset analysis. We can generate insights about blockchain applications that no one else has. Unlike many competitors, we don't use a crystal ball or jump on board the blockchain-hype-express. We use our proprietary algorithms to evaluate blockchain projects through mathematical and physical modeling based on real-time data. And thus, we provide realistic evaluations instead of relying on guesses.

We use this data for compliance services, industrial analytics or even as part of our blockchain consulting services. We utilize our unique insights to develop innovative crypto investment solutions for companies and retail investors. A few examples of service offerings built on our blockchain technology insights:

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Compliance Services

AML and KYC more transparent than ever

While crypto markets used to be referred to as “the wild west of financial markets”, new regulatory challenges are constantly emerging today. Through the holistic evaluation of payment flows, we provide you with the necessary analyzes for pattern recognition in the areas of anti-money laundering, know-your-customer and internal auditing.

Industrial Analytics

Decisions based on gut feeling were yesterday

We are convinced that crypto assets are only the first step towards a decentralized future. That's why we already offer blockchain analytics services - for both public and private chains - that go far beyond the financial industry. Whether you rely on blockchain technology as a traditional industrial company, as a financial service provider or as a start-up: we provide you with the necessary data to optimize your products and processes and to better understand your customers.

Blockchain Consulting

Rethinking business models

Digitizing analog processes is one of the most important tasks of our time, but we go one step further: together with our customers, we develop token-based business models for the decentralized world of tomorrow. Because let's be honest: Would you rather have a faster horse, or would you rather have invented the engine?