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Immutable Insight Webinar series: Basics of the future technology blockchain.

The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has increased tenfold since the beginning of 2020. Setbacks - like current ones - are normal and healthy. And so far, these have regularly presented good opportunities to get on board.

Why do we think blockchain technology is here to stay? In our new webinar series on Blockchain, DeFi and Web3, we want to go into the basics of these revolutionary ideas as well as current trends, developments and our own investment solutions.

"Now everyone can invest in the best crypto assets - easily and sustainably!" - Blockchain expert Katharina Gehra

Previous Immutable Insight events

Immutable Insight Webinar #1: “Why are blockchains so exciting?” February 28, 2022, Katharina Gehra (CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER & CO-FOUNDER)

Immutable Insight Webinar #2: “Decentralized Finance. An alternative financial system without banks.” March 28, 2022, Marcel Uhlmann (Head of Decentralized Finance)

Immutable Insight Adhoc Webinar: “Sanction bypassing through crypto? Background, relevance and operation of our sanction rapid test.” April 20th, 2022, Dr. Stephan Romeike (CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER) & Christian Teichmann (HEAD OF SALES)

Immutable Insight Webinar #3: „Blockchain and ESG - Are blockchains sustainable?" April 25th, 2022, Luise Vad (Chief Strategy Officer)

Immutable Insight Webinar #4: "Crypto-Staking - doubly sustainable with sustainliquid" May 23th, 2022, Dr. Stephan Simon (CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER & Product Owner sustainliquid)

Immutable Insight Webinar #5: "More than just cryptocurrencies: How blockchain technology is changing entire industries." June 27th, 2022, Dr. Stephan Romeike (CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER)